Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have a new drink !!!
Hibiscus Tea and the Nile Valley - A Brief History
Hibiscus tea clearly was the beverage favored by the Pharaohs of the ancient Nile Valley when they wanted to refresh themselves in the desert heat. In fact, Hibiscus Tea, throughout history until the present, has been a preferred beverage in many cultures including China, Mexico, the Caribbean, and even Europe.

All over the world people drink hibiscus tea for health (hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure), for cooling (hibiscus tea is a refrigerant and helps cool the body), for a relaxing refreshment (hibiscus tea contains no caffeine), for ceremonies (every wedding and celebration in Sudan and Egypt is "toasted" with glasses of hibiscus tea), and for enjoyment (hibiscus tea is a beautiful rich crimson color and is tart and delicious). You too can enjoy this delicious beverage! It's not just for Pharaohs anymore -- try some Nile Valley Herbs hibiscus tea or hibiscus mint tea, hot or cold.
Join the ranks of the ages.

Try our hibiscus tea today!
Part of the proceeds from YOUR purchase of our Nile Valley hibiscus tea, hibiscus mint tea, or hibiscus flowers will go directly for much needed humanitarian projects in my home villagein Nubia. It will be deeply appreciated by the villagers there.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Why You should care about Energy, Personally.
First there are the environmental effects.
Second there is the moral imperative to do what is right for humanity.
But, beyond all that, how does it strike home to You, Now ?
Everything that Exists, Depends Totally on Energy.
That is the real point.

People run on energy, from their food. They die without it.
Birds, Animals, Fish, and all other living things run on energy.
Farms run on energy. Tractors use fuel. Fertilizer needs energy to make it.
Transportation systems run on energy.
Businesses run on energy.
Homes run on energy.
Everything runs on energy !
So What Happens if there isn’t enough ?
It is simple. First we give things up. We go without. Our quality of life declines.
You don’t buy things, because you spent your money on gasoline, heating oil, and electricity. No new jeans. No trip to Disneyworld. Hamburger instead of steak.
Those are the things that happen first. Then it gets worse.
You can’t drive your car. You have to move into a smaller house near the city and take mass transit. You have to be colder in the winter. You have to be hot in the summer. You have to turn the lights off. The poorer people suffer much more. They have inadequate food. No heat. They freeze to death or suffer heat stroke. Huge numbers of jobs are lost. Businesses fail by the hundreds.
Then it gets catastrophic.
We go to war with whomever, to take their energy. Hundreds of thousands die in a futile effort. Millions die of starvation and disease. The veneer of civilization is stripped away and it is dog eat dog.
Why can’t we just do the simple things; use Bio-diesel, Conserve, Switch to Compact Fluorescent Lights, Hydrogen, and all that ?
Its simple again. There is not enough farmland to grow enough crops for ethanol and Bio-Diesel sufficient in quantity to make up for all the fossil fuels used just in transportation, not to mention all the other uses. We need food first, and most of the farmland has to be used for that.
We can conserve, but each day more people are born. This increases the need. The need increases faster than conservation can save. And besides, once the fossil fuel is gone, its gone. It does not matter how many miles per gallon the car gets if there is no gasoline.
Hydrogen is not an energy source. On the contrary, to free up hydrogen atoms into the form needed for fuel, we must use energy first. No energy available to make hydrogen ? Then there is no hydrogen fuel.
So are We Doomed ?
There is more than enough renewable energy potentially available to meet our total needs thousands of times over. And it won’t run out. Ever.
So we do the things outlined in our white paper, and life improves immeasurably. Millions of new jobs are created. Wealth increases dramatically. The climate is saved. People prosper. Security is enhanced. War is averted. No one has to die fighting for oil.
So read the white paper. Understand the problem. See the solution. Insist that your government gets the message and just does it. It really is that simple.
See our site and white paper at http://www.usenergyindependence.com.