Friday, May 7, 2010

I won a contest!

It was from Arenacreative and she is one of my team mates on the Loud and Wacky street team !
The contest was her one year etsy anniversary giveaway.
I loved her cards , I have card fetish, you can never have enough cards or beads. So I ordered from her shop and entered the contest!

The box arrived and I was feeling kinda down.
When I opened it , I had to smile the first thing I noticed was beads tons of beads,I love beads.
Then I saw some amazing tarts , candles, jewerly! WOW I just can not believe how much stuff I won.
The art was amazing I recieved two digital prints of dragonflies (YES!!) and A beautiful photograph of the US Flag . Stunning..
Then I found that I had like 20 bracelets and earrings and necklaces .. WOW!!
You Must check out her shop and if she ever has another contest you be sure to enter ! Im Love this shop!