Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smile somehow...

Today My best friend, Nanette, in the world died.
Sudden death is harder to take than a long illness.

She was the most wonderful person in the world.
We could always find the good in the bad.

We were like old souls when we were together.

We did not judge anyone, we just enjoyed life.

We went yard saling and we did art.
She taught me to sew and knit.

We confided in each other.

I will miss her so much,she was my light in a dark world.

We got little things done and we told noone we were doing them.

Nan and I would help people find the joy in life.

We did stupid things like driving all over westrn Ny ,
just because we could.

I just can not really believe she is gone.
She was the only bright spot in my life.
Now I feel lost and alone.

Her death reminded me of all the other friends I have lost.

Life goes on... so will I but I will not make any new friends
as it seems they all die.

I know that is a stupid thing to say .
I guess Im just grieving right now.

Rest in peace Nan... Ill send you some maple nut goodies.
prance on Nan