Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My brother

Today I heard from my brothers social worker.
He was in fact evicted, from his apartment and is now in an acute mental health Hospital.
It seems that he set his apartment on fire trying to rid it of demons.
It also seems that he was getting prescription drugs in the mail from several mail order drug companies . Which I find totally unreal.
His social worker told me that he was given his drugs by the country aid and they brought his drugs to him once a week. So how did he get extra drugs??

It appears that he was addicted to pain opiate medication he got in the mail.

How the inthe world can that happen ??

IT seems to me it is way to easy to get drugs in the mail . I'M very mad ..

So I know he is mentally ill. He is paranoid shicophanic
He is now going to have to go live in a group home or assisted living which is great ! I'm so happy he will get the help he needs.
I feel bad that mental ill have fallen thru the cracks of the health care system in the state of Virginia where he lives.
The Medical rules are making it impossible for family members to help the mentally ill aka privacy rules .
I mean, I had been tryng since July of 2008 to speak to his workers to tell them he is way outta whack and needs closer supervision .
But No they can not talk or even listen to me unless , my brother who is psychotic signs a paper saying I'm can talk to them ...
So he was calling 911 every day to get a ride to the hospital... do you not think that should have set off alarms somewhere ??
He was also diabetic,has most of his toes and feet amputated because of bad circlation. He will not quit smoking . They also want to put him rehab for the pain meds if he wants to go ... Ok now that is something else ... she told me that he has teh potion to go to rehab for 30 days.... or k just be released to a group home>>> WTF I don't get it.. why can they detox him in the hospital... whew ok I'm done.I just needed to vent and get this out of my system.
I hope you guys have a nice day !


  1. Pain medications such as opiates, along with other medications of that class are available through the mail but these days it's usually only if you procure a prescription for them. Sadly, it's not that difficult if you are savvy in the ways of the 'net or can get one off the street. Or if he had a legit prescription from a local MD, which he very well may have had. VA,WV and surrounding states have a terrible problem with prescribed opiate abuse.

    If your brother is as mentally ill as you describe then he may have had help obtaining these opiates or the prescriptions for them. You should not, however, blame the prescription mail order companies as a whole as the majority of them these days are watched closely and do their best to do things by the book. In many cases and especially in rural areas they are the only venue for people to legally obtain their needed medications.

    I hope your brother gets the help he needs. I suggest that you also seek some some help with your feelings of frustration and anger. But whatever you do, do not blame the prescription mail order companies. Too many people legitimately depend on them. Don't place blame on the mail order drug pharmacies rather than on the person using the system abusively, or on the person(s) overseeing someone mentally incapable of taking care of themselves. This service is much needed by people who follow the rules.

  2. wow..
    family stuff is brutal on all of us... thank god for these blogs so we can get it out...

    hope u see some sunshine today..
    If not sending you a vibe of love... do ya feel it...
    all our love'
    mona & the girls
    ps a little yoga helps tooooooo