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Acacia Acacia Sp.Planet: SunElement: Air Description: TreePart Used: Gum (see Gum Arabic), wood, flowersUses: Incense to stimulate psychic powers. Prosperity spells. A good incense for consecration of ritual tools or blessing any sacred space. Aspergers may be made from the fresh twigs and flowers.
Adam and Eve RootOrchis Sp.Planet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: Root of an orchidPart Used: RootUses: Very popular in Hoodoo, Santeria and other related faiths, available at Botanicas. Love spells, carried as an herbal amulet to attract love.
Agrimony Agrimonia eupatoriaPlanet: JupiterElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Protection against hostile magic, exorcism, turning negative spells back to the sender. Used in sleep pillows to aid insomnia due to worrying.
Ague RootAletris farinosaPlanet: SunElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Protection as a scattering herb or in an amulet bag. Reversing negative spells.
Alkanet Anchusa sp.Planet: JupiterElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Burned for purification, prosperity spells.
Almond Prunus dulcisPlanet: JupiterElement: AirDescription: TreePart Used: Wood, nutsUses: Prosperity, nuts eaten for wisdom, used as an amulet for finding treasure. Aids in developing psychic abilities or in divination. As an incense for invoking Artemis, Hecate, and Zeus. The nuts may be eaten alone or in food, the wood may be made into tools or incense. Sweet almond oil makes a good carrier oil for essential oils or base for massage oil and is readily available in grocery and health food stores.
Aloe Aloe vera, Aloe sp.Planet: MoonElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Herb grown for protection, prevents accidents. Fresh leaves good for burns from hot candle wax or incense coals.
Aloes, Wood Aquilaria agallochaPlanet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: WoodUses: Carried to attract love, burned to purify, raise spiritual level. Difficult to find and expensive. Available from purveyors of high end Buddist and Japanese incenses.
Althea (Marshmallow)Althea officinalis Planet: MercuryElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Protection, increases psychic abilities, attracts possitive spirits.
Alyssum Alyssum sp.Planet: MoonElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Calms anger, protection against manipulative magic.
Amaranth Amaranthus sp.Planet: SaturnElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: FlowersUses: Healing, easing emotional loss.
AnemoneAnemone sp.Planet: MarsElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: Flowers, herbUses: Flowers used in healing rituals, plant grown for protection. Chinese flower of death. Egyptian symbol of sickness. Offered in rituals to Venus and Adonis.
Angelica Angelica archangelicaPlanet: SunElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: Root, essential oilUses: Very powerful protection herb, used powdered in healing and exorcism incenses, herb scattered for protection, oil in bath for uncrossing. Protects against negative energy and attracts positive energy. Grants deeper understanding and insight.
Anise Pimpinella anisumPlanet: JupiterElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: Seeds, LeavesUses: Aids in finding happiness. Seed in sleep pillow to prevent disturbing dreams, incenses for protection and meditation, in bath for purification. Fresh leaves for exorcism and protection. Traditionally used in wedding sweets. Used to invoke Mercury and Apollo.
Apple Pyrus sp.Planet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: Wood, flowers, fruitUses: Sacred to Aphrodite. Love spells, brews, sachets, and incense. Healing, maintaining health. The wood is used for wands.
Apricot Prunus armeniacaPlanet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: Fruit, leaves and flowersUses: Fruit used in love spells. Leaves and flowers used in love sachets.
Arabic, Gum Accacia veraPlanet: SunElement: AirDescription: TreePart Used: ResinUses: Purification, increased spirituality.
Arbutus Arbutus sp.Planet: MarsElement: FireDescription: Flowering shrubPart Used: LeavesUses: Purification, protection, exorcism.
AsafoetidaFerula foetidaPlanet: MarsElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: ResinUses: As an incense for exorcism, protection. Smells foul, use only in emergency. Will strip the charge from any magical tools in the vicinity when used. They will have to be reconsecrated and recharged. Use only a very, very small piece, the size of the head of a glass headed pin. Can be found in Indian Grocery stores as it is used there as a spice.
AshFraxinus excelsior or americanaPlanet: SunElement: FireDescription: TreePart Used: Wood, leaves, seedsUses: Used to remove unwanted energies, spells and hexes. Ash leaf tucked in a car or on a motorcycle provides protection from accidents. Wood used for making wands. Leaves for prophetic dreams. Protection, healing. An elf tree. The seeds are protective against hostile magic. Used for healing and prosperity spells.
AspenPopulus sp.Planet: MercuryElement: AirDescription: TreePart Used: LeavesUses: Anti theft spells.
AsterCallistephus chinesisPlanet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: FlowersUses: Carried for love or added to love sachets.
AvensGeum urbanumPlanet: JupiterElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: herbUses: Exorcism, purification, protection amulets.

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