Monday, September 22, 2008


Agate -- Its strengthens sight, quenches thirst, and promotes marital fidelity. Stimulates capabilities and precision. Provides perceptiveness to situations. awakens talents. Balances yin and yang. Stabilizes the aura, by cleaning its energy. Eliminating negative energy.
Amethyst -- "Stone of spirituality and contentment" Balances energy of intelligence, emotion, and physical. Provides a clear connection between Earth and Other realms. Clears the aura, stabilizes and rids dysfunctional energy within the body. Gives stability, strength, and peace. A perfect peace like before birth. Also called a "stone of meditation", Opens and activates the Crown chakra. Provides a sense of common sense. Encourage flexibility in decision making. Controls temper. Was known as the Sobering Stone. Aiding in alcoholism. This stone is used to aid, encourage, and support sobriety.
Ametrine -- A mix of citrine and amethyst. balances male and female qualities. Stimulates intellect. Helps one reach a higher state of meditation and attunement. Disperses negativity from ones aura, stabilizes qualities of pure light energy. Releases blockage of the physical, mental, emotional, and auric bodies, allows for release of tension.
Angelite -- Excellent balancing agent. Aligns the physical body with the etheric world. Provides a protective field. Great for telepathic communication on sending and receiving levels. Good for getting introduced to ones totem spirit. Helps in Astral Travel. Known as the "Stone for raising the state of conscious awareness." Gets rid of anger.
Apache Tear -- This stone contains the tears of the Native American Women, mourning the loss of their warriors that were driven from a cliff by the cavalry. Comforts in times of grief. This stone sheds tears for you during the times of sorrow. Provides insight and acceptance. Releases grievances, and promotes forgiveness. Said to expel venom of a snakebite.
Apophyllite -- Creates a conscious connection between physical and spiritual realms. Attunes ones body to the higher dimensional life forms. Allows recognition or ant to act on the truth in all situations. Enhances mindful analysis touched by universal love. Aids in astral travel. This stone also allows you to see into the future. Good stone for gazing when looking sideways into the crystal. Also used to charge and persevere objects.
Amazonite -- Gets rid of aggravation, helps pacify. Soothes emotional processes. Soothes nerves and gets rids of irritating and negative energy. Aligns physical, etheric, and astral bodies, there fore producing balancing and preventive energy. Works wonders as an elixir.
Amber -- Wisdom, balance, patience, and promotes altruism. useful healer, draws disease from body, aids tissue revitalization. Heals nervous system, promotes self healing. Elixir is an antibiotic. Eases stress, neutralizes negative energy. Cleanses environment, body, mind, and spirit. Aids depression, memory, decision-making. Heals throat and throat chakra, kidneys, bladder.
Aquamarine -- "Stone of courage." This stone helps in providing shielding the aura and subtle properties. Stone of intellect. This stone is known to protect against injury during a battle. It aligns the chakras and balances structure connecting both physical and ethereal bodies.
Aqua Aura -- Stimulates the throat chakra, encourages the 'channel to open." It also activates the energies of other crystals to aid in healing. Used quite often to cleanse and smooth the aura, and to activate all chakras. Releases negative energy from all of ones bodies on all levels.
Aragonite -- For centering oneself with ease. Helpful during anger and stress during meditation. Provides insight, enhances patience. Can be used to combat chills, and warm body parts.
Azurite -- "stone of heaven" Provides guidance by way of the third-eye. allowing accurate verbalization of psychic experiences. Awakens psychic development of oneself. Provides insight. Hold an Azurite and ask that troubled thoughts go away. Works on Sacral and heart chakra. Mellows intellect with love. Stimulates compassion and empathy. Enhances self confidence, Dissolves energy blocks.

Beryl -- Astrological sign of Beryl is Leo. Teaches one how to do only what is necessary. Allows for a positive view. Relieves stress and calms ones mind. Enhances courage.
Biotite Lenses -- Increases vision of the third-eye. Channels information from other realms. Brings in information on life structures from past times and civilizations. Assists in changing your ideas, before thoughts and beliefs.
Black Sapphire -- Protection, centering body and energy forces. A great stone to carry with you when looking for or maintaining a job.
Black Tourmaline -- This stone is an energy deflector. Protects against negativity and victimization of others. Excellent stone for over exposure to radiation. Increases ones physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity. Helps to hold on to ones "spirit" even during a time of sadness and gloom. Protects against spells which were cast by the negative side of another. Sends energy to the victim of a spell. Also activates grounding between the first chakra and the Earth.
Bloodstone (Heliotrope) -- This stone is an intense stone of healing, it is also a stone of courage. Used to awaken base, navel, sacral, and heart chakras. Helps to accept change. Aids in the centering and grounding of the heart. Renews one physically, mentally and emotionally. Revitalizes Love, relationships, and friendships. Helps to demonstrate unselfishness, and idealism. Bloodstone also facilitates admittance to the spiritual realm of ancestors, so you can communicate with them. Rids one of bewilderment and obscure thought.
Blue Fluorite -- Aids in developing orderly thoughts in sequence. Also good for keeping your records in order. Produces a calm energy. Promotes and stimulates clear concise communication in both the physical reality on this and in other worlds.
Blue-Green Jade -- Helps people in situations in which they can't control. This stone is a symbol of peace, and reflection. Allows for inner serenity.
Blue Jasper -- Connects one to the spiritual world. Balances the yin and yang. Aids one during a fast. Also heals degenerative diseases. Used on navel and heart chakras for astral travel.
Blue Tourmaline -- Activates the throat chakra and third eye. Strengthens communication and psychic awareness. Aids in relationship toward others in a loving manner. Brings out ones true persona. This also helps facilitate intuition on higher levels. Acts as an aid for visions and contact for higher realms.
Blue Sapphire -- Healing of all parts of the body. Stimulates the throat chakra. intuition, psychic and astral selves are available thru this stone. Mystical knowledge and records of a developing civilization are attributed to this stone.
Blue Quartz --Aids in reaching out to other people. Known as Aqua Aura...Artificially coloured.
Boji Stones -- Balances and aligns chakras and subtle bodies. removes energy blocks. This is an excellent stone for energy. Also this stone charges, cleans and fills all voids of energy in the aura. Combines initiative, and independence. Excellent for grounding oneself. Good stone for healing in general and tissue regeneration.
Boulder Opal -- Is has a connection to the stars. Aids in communication between earth's plane and the "star people" of this and other worlds. It has a grounding action as well as providing enhancement of transferring information. It can clear the muddy areas of the auras therefor stimulating healing in these areas. Enhances healing properties and initiates healing on all levels. Aids in releasing the "cobwebs" from ones mind so that one has clarity and emotional security. Along with physical well-being, and spiritual progression towards the perfect state.
Botswana Agate -- Aids in furthering ones journey to the enlightened state. Enhances creativity, helps release emotional baggage that has been held deep inside. Helps bring one towards a solution instead of pondering on a problem. Good for the crown chakra. Energizes Aura. Encourages eternal love.

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