Monday, September 22, 2008


Elestial Quartz -- "Enchanted Crystal." Aids in overcoming emotional burdens. Synchronizes heart and intellect. This stone carries with it the inherent memory of existence prior to the development of humanity. Helps prepare for transformation. Stabilizes brain wave frequencies. Assists in expanding a state of awareness. Stimulates chakras and brings forth forgotten information. Also used as a gazing stone after centering and clearing ones mind.
Emerald -- Equalizes mental, physical and mental. Raises consciousness. Allows for positive action. Enhances psychic abilities and wisdom from the mental plane. Promotes truth.
Epidote -- Enhances perception, gets rid of criticalness. Helpful in the use to overcome and beat dehydration. As an Elixir it can soften and smooth skin.
Fire Agate-- Deep connection to earth. Calms and settles energy, especially before meditation. Aids introspection; brings inner problems and blocks up for examination, slowly and safely, dispelling fear. Reflects harm back to source so it may understand the effect. Strong sexual connection. Alleviates stomach and endocrine problems, treats circulatory disorders, central nervous system, and eye problems, enhances night vision.
Fire Opal -- Adds brilliance and clarity to the intuitive and reflective process. Mystery, variety, progress, and Change. Aids in helping maintain oneself during stressful situations. Helps aid with feeling burnt out.
Fossil Wood -- Allows us the feeling of a bond with the earth and a feeling of being at home. Also lets one think they are "in the right place at the right time." Stimulates ones imaginary inner self. This stone is calming and aids in recovery, helps keep ones "feet on the ground" so to speak. Helps with obesity and stimulates metabolism, also calms the nerves.
Garnet -- Balances and Stimulates the movement of Kundalini. Known as the "Stone of health." Gets rid of all negative energy of the chakras. Also known as the "Stone of Commitment." Stimulates the base and crown chakras for free flowing movement of energy. Provides purification and cleansing.
Geode -- Facilitates astral travel. Assists in pursuing mathematics. Also allows one to recognize and analyze the total picture before making a decision. Allows to shape ones future. Assists in attaining highly effective communication skills. Aids in a connection to higher forces and higher planes.
Golden Beryl -- Purity, initiative, independence. Instills guidance. Opens and activates crown and solar plexus chakras. Induces a wise intellect. Promotes a will to succeed.
Golden Yellow Topaz -- Activates and stimulates the first 3 chakras and the crown chakra. Enhances relaxation, creates lightness of spirit, stimulates feelings of peace. Stone which stores information as well as energy, thoughts, and love. This stone is like a battery if one needs recharging like a battery.
Green Agate -- Aids in solving arguments, and making decisions. Enhances mental and emotional flexibility.
Green Aventurine -- Used at the heart chakra to activate, protect and clear. Balancing of male and female energies. Enhances creativity. Re-enforces decisiveness. This stone not only balances but also enlightens the intellect of the physical, emotional, and auric bodies. It brightens and makes ones leadership qualities more amplified.
Green Calcite -- Rids the body of infections and provides a barrier to diminish the effect of disease. Used with Lepidolite and Quartz it eliminates candida. Gets rid of infections within the body. Helps with transition from stagnant to positive situations. Mental healer.
Green Fluorite -- Cleansing, tidiness and renewal to all chakras. Helps in diminishing mild trauma in an emotional body. Eliminates negativity in a room.
Green Jasper -- Aids in healing disease and releasing obsession.
Green Opal -- Promotes a relaxed state similar to meditation. Helps provide information for problem solving during the dream state or day dreaming state. Aids in knowing one is always in control in ones life.
Green Sapphire -- Loyalty, remembering dreams. Stimulates the heart chakra. Known as the "Stone of fidelity."
Green Quartz -- Works with the heart chakra. Works also on negative energy and inspires creativity.
Hawk's Eye -- Form of Tiger's Eye. Earths energy. Stimulating and energizing. Attracts abundance. Aids circulatory system, bowels, and legs.
Hematite -- "Stone for the mind" Helps sort out things in the mind and used for mental attunement. Enhances memory. Assists in mental and manual dexterity. Provides a calming atmosphere. This is a good stone for alleviating fevers. Focuses energy and emotions for balancing between body, mind and spirit. dissolves negative energy to the purity of the universal light of love. Facilitates peace, self-control, inner happiness. It attracts "kind" love. Aids in a soft meditative state, providing grounding and bringing tranquility and clear emotion.
Herkimer Diamond -- Provides delicate harmonizing energy. Enhances awareness and spontaneity. Aids in beginning again in this lifetime. Known as the "attunement stone". Aids in attuning self with another person. This stone is used prior to the "Laying-of-Stones." Stimulates Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience abilities and also in assisting in telepathic communication.
Jade (Jadeite,Nephrite) -- This stone is known as the "dream stone and the 'stone of fidelity." It helps improve remembering ones dreams. It also assists in solving dreams. Used to release suppressed emotions by dreaming them. Place a piece of Jade under your pillow before going to bed. Used with quartz crystalline in its presence, it has been known to expedite meditative travel to the realm of the ALL knowing. Aids in attuning to the needs of others. Inspires wisdom, promotes balancing of needs with what's required during the day. Also provides confidence. Self assuredness, self reliance, and self sufficiency.
Jet -- "Fossilized Wood" compared closely with coal. Gets rid of thoughts of fear. Protects against violence, illness and enhances stability of finances. Aligns base chakra. Stimulates and awakens Kundalini. Calming stone. diminishes depression. Aids in treatment for migraine headaches, epilepsy and other ailments. If you use this stone on the upper part of the body this will allow the movement of the Kundalini to travel to the crown chakra.
Kunzite -- Activates the heart chakra as well as aligns it with the throat chakra and third-eye, holding the stone in this place you get a powerful feeling of peace that gently goes to the inner core of ones being. Aids in removing obstacles from ones path. Dissolves negativity. Assists in deep meditative states. Promotes maturity in thoughts and in actions. An excellent stone for getting one to relax and express the emotions of the heart. Aids in accepting knowledge and external expression of unconditional love, self love and romantic love.
Kyanite -- This stone never needs to be cleaned or cleared. It does not accept nor retain negative energy nor vibrations. It is one of the best attunement stones. Aligns all chakras. Facilitates meditation. Tranquility, calming effect comes from this stone. Gets rid of anger and frustration. Aids in clarity in regards to mental awareness and linear reasoning. Aids in dream recall and promotes dream solving. Balances yin and yang. Gets rid of energy blocks. (Black Kyanite provides grounding)
Labradorite -- This stone represents the "temple of the stars," this stone is from extraterrestrial origin. Transforms intuition into intellectual thought so one can implement the instructions given. Symbolizes the moon, aids in advancement without constraints. Provides vitality, as this stone also symbolizes the sun. Aids in inspiration, the help teach the word from other worlds and bring it to this world. Enhances patience and an inner knowledge of knowing when is the 'right time'
Larimar -- Stimulates self healing properties. Constructive thinking becomes easier when using this stone. Dissolves fear, suffering and excessive emotions. Helps us to 'take control of our own lives.'
Lavender Jade -- Helps to aid in emotional hurt. Assists in teaching, subtlety, and restrain one in emotional matters.
Lavender Quartz -- A type of Rose Quartz that has a wonderful lavender colour. Stimulates the third eye, promotes clairsentience, Clairaudience and clairvoyance. Instills ability of direct response and instinctual behavior, promotes integration of all parts of ones personality. A loving stone and an asset to ones environment.
Lepidolite -- Activates the throat, heart chakras, third eye, and intellect. Opens the crown chakra. Used to reduce stress. Aids in transformation of energies. This is a good stone for "change. "Aids in honesty, and openness. A good stone for the "gardener." s

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