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Mace Myristica fragransPlanet: MercuryElement: AirDescription: TreePart Used: Seed coveringUses: Burned to improve psychic ability. Carried to improve mental ability.
MagnoliaMagnolia grandifloraPlanet: VenusElement: EarthDescription: TreePart Used: TwigsUses: Put under the bed to preserve fidelity.
MallowMalva sp.Planet: MoonElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: Leaves, flowersUses: An ointment made of the leaves and stems is used for protection and exorcism. A bouquet of the flowers is said to aid in the return of lost love.
MandrakeMandragora officinalePlanet: MercuryElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: RootUses: The root is hung in the home for protection, prosperity, fertility, exorcising evil, carried to attract love, and worn to preserve health.
Marigold, PotCalendula officinalisPlanet: SunElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: FlowersUses: Scattered under the bed they give prophetic dreams and protect the sleeper. Garlands of the flowers hung at the doorways will prevent negativity from entering the home. Added to the bath they bring respect and admiration. Carried they bring favor in court. This is not the same as the commonly used bedding plant Marigold, which is Tagetes, rather than Calendula.
Marjoram Origanum majorana or vulgarePlanet: MercuryElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: Leaves and stemsUses: Love spells, protection, happiness and prosperity.
MasterwortImperatoria ostruthiumPlanet: MarsElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: LeavesUses: Worn for strength and courage, and to calm emotions and protect against evil intent.
MasticPistacia lentiscusPlanet: SunElement: AirDescription: TreePart Used: ResinUses: Increases psychic ability when burned, added to incense to increase it's power. Put in love potions.
May ApplePodophyllum peltaltumPlanet: MercuryElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: RootUses: The same as Mandrake, known as the American Mandrake. The root is hung in the home for protection, prosperity, fertility, exorcising evil, carried to attract love, and worn to preserve health.
MeadowsweetFilipendula sp.Planet: JupiterElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: Flowers, herbUses: One of the three most sacred Druid herbs, with Mint and Vervain. The leaf is added to wine to bring a "merry heart", that is, to treat depression. Useful in love spells. Use fresh flowers to decorate the altar during love spells, use the dried petals in love mixtures. Strew about the house to keep peace. Fresh flowers should be included in the bridal bouquet.
MintMentha sp.Planet: MercuryElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: As noted above, mint is one of the three most sacred Druid herbs, with Meadowsweet and Vervain. Often used in healing mixtures, potions, washes etc. Used in spells for safe travel. Made into a sachet or wash for monetary gain and business increases. Used in prosperity spells of all types. An asperger may be made of the fresh stems and used for purification. Placed on the altar during a magical working mint will draw helpful spirits who will aid the achievement of the goal. The dried plant or just the leaves may be kept in the home for protection. Also used for success as a part of spells, incense, or in a sachet or wash.
MistletoeViscum album (European) or Phoradendron flavescens (American)Planet: SunElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: A very sacred herb to the Druids. Associated with the celebration of Yule. Promotes fertility and creativity both artistic and literal. May be hung in the home to protect it especially from fire and particularly fire caused by lightning. When worn in an amulet around the neck it repels negativity and ill will. It will increase the power of any other herb for magical use. Powerfully protective it repels all negative spirits and magic, prevents illness and misfortune. Carried for luck in hunting. Burned as incense to dispel negativity.
MugwortArtemisia vulgarisPlanet: VenusElement: EarthDescription: ShrubPart Used: LeavesUses: Mugwort is burned with sandalwood or wormwood, and a mugwort infusion is drunk (sweetened with honey) before divination and to increase psychic ability. The infusion is also used to wash crystal balls and magic mirrors, and mugwort leaves are placed around the base of the ball to add to their power. Stuffed into a sleep pillow it will bring about prophetic dreams. In China it is hung over doors to keep evil spirits for buildings. Mugwort is also carried to increase lust and fertility, to prevent backache, and to cure disease and madness. Placed next to the bed it aids in achieving astral projection. Used to protect travelers from all manner of ills.
MullienVerbascum sp.Planet: SaturnElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Placed in a sleep pillow to prevent nightmares. Carried for courage. Hung over the doors and windows of the home to protect it from evil. Carried in sachets for protection and to repel negativity. Powdered leaves of Mullien are the ingredient "Graveyard Dust" sometimes called for in spells. Torches may be fashioned of the whole plant, dipping the head in parafin or beeswax and these may be used as a part of the Samhain celebration. Sacred to Jupiter.
MyrrhComiphora myrrhaPlanet: MoonElement: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: ResinUses: Sacred to Isis, Adonis, Ra. Burned as incense to purify the area, lifts the vibration, aids contemplation and meditation and creates peace. Usually used in combination with frankincense or other resins. Increases the power of any incense to which it is added. Often included in healing incenses and sachets. Used to consecrate, purify and bless objects such as amulets, talismans, charms, and magical tools. It also aids meditation and contemplation. The essential oil can be added to blends designed to enhance spirituality and meditation. It is also used in healing mixtures.
MyrtleMyrtus communisPlanet:VenusElement: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: Wood, leavesUses: Spells for money and riches. If grown on each side of a house love and peace will reside within. Associated with life and death, myrtle works in both worlds, hear and the hearafter. Sacred to Aphrodite, Venus and Hathor. Carried to preserve love and used in love sachets and spells. Used in money spells and incense. Worn it encourages fertility. Works to eliminate violence and repel it, aids in the healing of those who are of a violent nature.

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