Monday, September 22, 2008

Herbs D

DaffodilNarcissus sp.Planet: SunElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: Bulb, flowersUses: When grown it is protective and drives off negative influences. The flowers may be used for love rituals, or in the bedroom for fertility.
DamianaTurnera diffusaPlanet: MarsElement: FireDescription: ShrubPart Used: LeavesUses: Lust spells, potions, smoking mixtures, and incense. May be used as a tea to improve psychic ability or burned to induce visions.
DandelionTaraxacum officinalePlanet: JupiterElement: AirDescription: Herb Part Used: Whole plantUses: Protective when grown or used in mixtures. Particularly good at defeating negativity. The root is used to brew a beverage like coffee that aids telepathy and can help visions.
DaturaDatura sp.Planet: SaturnElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: LeavesUses: Breaking spells as a scattering herb. Protection. A sacred plant to the Aztecs. Made somewhat famous by Carlos Castenada. Poisonous.
Dill Anethum graveolensPlanet:MercuryElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: Seed, plantUses:Protection, banishing, mental clarity and rationality. Used to break enchantments. Placed over doors and windows to keep out negativity. Purifying spaces.
Dittany of CreteOriganum dictamnusPlanet:VenusElement: WaterDescription: Trailing herbPart Used: LeavesUses: Burned as an incense to allow spirits to manifest physically or to aid astral projection. Used to invoke Persephone and Osiris.
DockRumex sp.Planet: JupiterElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: SeedsUses: Brewed like tea and sprinkled in a shop or business it draws in business. Money spells.
Dragons BloodDaemonorops draco or Dracaena dracoPlanet: MarsElement: FireDescription: Palm tree or shrubby plantPart Used: ResinUses: Increases the strength of other incences, purifies, protects. Used to make Dragons Blood ink which is used to seal documents. Used to consecrate ritual tools.

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