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Saffron Crocus sativaPlanet: SunElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: StamensUses: Love sachets and mixtures including food. Added to healing rituals and an infusion is used in the water used to wash prior to healing sessions. The infusion is drunk to improve psychic ability. Believed to be aphrodesiac.
SafflowerCarthamus tinctoriusPlanet:SunElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: Flower, oilUses: The petals are used as coloring and the oil is used as a carrier oil.
SageSalvia officinalisPlanet: JupiterElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: LeavesUses: Carried to improve mental ability and bring wisdom. Leaves are used in healing sachets and incense. Associated with long life. Sacred to Jupiter, Zeus, Cadmus, and Consus. Banishes evil, grants strength, wisdom, mental health. Promotes health of all types, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Used for self purification. Removed negative energy and brings a health attitude toward life. Helps when dealing with grief and loss. Good to use in consecrating an incense burner for ritual use. Some say it is strongest when grown near Rue.
SagebrushArtemisia sp. Planet: VenusElement: EarthDescription: ShrubPart Used: LeavesUses: Used for purification and exorcism. In bath mixtures to purify yourself of all negative previous deeds and past evil acts. Burnt as incense to purify spaces and objects, driving away evil and negativity. Used in healing. This is the sage used by Native Americans in ritual.
St. John's WortHypericum perforatumPlanet: SunElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: Leaves and flowersUses: Worn to prevent colds and fevers. Attracts love. Cures depression and wards off mental illness if carried (or taken internally according to directions). Placed in a jar in the window or burned in the fireplace, it protects from lightning, fire and evil spirits. Dried over the Midsummer fire and hung near the window to keep ghosts, necromancers and other evil doers out of the home. Burned to banish demons and evil spirits. Placed under the pillow will induce prophetic dreams of a romantic type. Use in ritual or carry to detect magicians. Used for banishing, protection and blessing in nearly any form.
SandalwoodSantalum albumPlanet: MoonElement: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: WoodUses: Associated with Venus. May be powdered and scattered about a place to clear it of negativity. Burned during spells for protection, healing and exorcism. Mixed with lavendar to burn to draw spirits. Very high spiritual vibrations and is burned in combination with Frankincense at full moon rituals. Used as a religious herb in Jainism. Commonly used to assist with meditation, trance work, and divination. Aids in focusing the mind on spiritual matters. Used to increase opportunities and aid in bringing success. Aids visionary workings. Protective, purifying and spiritual.
SarsaparillaSimilax asperaPlanet: JupiterElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: RootUses: Mixed with cinnamon and sandalwood and sprinkled to draw money and used in love spells.
SassafrasSassafras albidumPlanet: JupiterElement: FireDescription: ShrubPart Used: Bark of the rootsUses: Placed in the wallet or purse to attract money. used as a prosperity incense. Added to sachets for healing.
ScullcapScutellaria galericulataPlanet: SaturnElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: For peace and relaxation. Women wear it to keep their husbands faithful. Used in sleep pillows and internally for sleep. Used to bind oaths and consecrate vows and commitments such as handfastings and initiations.
SennaCassia marilandica or C. acutifoliaPlanet: MercuryElement: AirDescription: ShrubPart Used: BarkUses: Enhances tact and diplomacy. Used by agents, envoys, bards and in fields that depend upon bringing people together and convincing others of your point. Used in love sachets and spells. Not internally however, it is a strong laxative.
SesameSesamum orientalePlanet: SunElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: Seeds, oilUses: The seeds are eaten to encourage lusty feelings. The oil is said to keep the health and vitality of the sexual organs intact. The oil may be used as a base for massage oils for sexual encounters. A jar of seeds in the kitchen with the lid off will draw money to the household. Replace the seeds once a month.
SnapdragonAntirrhium majusPlanet: MarsElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: Herb, seeds, flowersUses: Worn to prevent others from deceiving you. The seed worn around the neck prevents bewitchment. The flowers may be placed on the altar during protective spells to strengthen them. A bouquet of the flowers may be placed on the altar with a mirror behind it if spells have been cast against you and it will turn them back to their sender. Hole one if you feel that you are in danger and it will protect you. Brings protection to the garden and home when grown.
Solomons SealPolygonatum officinale or P. multiflorumPlanet: SaturnElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: RootUses: Placed in the four corners of the home for protection. Used in protection spells and mixtures. Incense and mictures for exorcism. Infusion of the root may be used to cast about a place for exorcising it of evil and negative forces. Used in offeratory incenses. Used in ceremonial magic to bind magical workings, make sacred oaths and promises and keep them ever binding. Used in love potions and mixtures. Amplifys the effect of other amatory herbs. May be used in consecration of magical objects as it tends to hold the magical charge in the object.
SouthernwoodArtemisia abrotanumPlanet: MercuryElement: AirDescription: ShrubPart Used: Leaves, twigsUses: Used in love and lust inducing spells. Carried or placed in the bedroom for these purposes. Burned as an incense to drive off problems, and guard against trouble. Used in ritual baths in preparing for handfastings. Represents the promise of faithfulness to the beloved.
SpearmintMentha spicataPlanet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Used in healing spells and mixtures, particularly respiratory ailments. The scent aids mental ability. Include in a sleep pillow for protection while sleeping.
SpikenardInula conyzaPlanet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Worn in a sachet around the neck it brings luck and drives off illness. It helps maintain fidelity in relationships.
SquillUrginea scillaPlanet: MarsElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: BulbUses: Protects the house when hung. Place in a container with silver coins to draw wealth. Carry to break spells cast against you.
Star AniseIllicum verumPlanet: JupiterElement: AirDescription: TreePart Used: Seed podsUses: Burned as incense to improve psychic abilities. Placed on the altar to increase the power generated. Carried to bring luck.
StrawberryFragaria vescaPlanet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: Leaves, fruitUses: The fruit is served as part of the love feast to the beloved. The leaves are carried for luck. The leaves are carried by pregnant women to bring less painful child bearing.
SumbulFerula sumbulPlanet: JupiterElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Carried to attract love. Use in bath or burn as incense for the same purpose. Burned to increase psychic abilities. Worn to bring luck and prevent illness.
Styrax or StoraxLiquidamber orientalisPlanet: SunElement: FireDescription: TreePart Used: ResinUses: Promotes change. Sacred to Hermes, Loki, Mercury and Thoth. Used for purification and protection

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