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Quassia Picraena excelsaPlanet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: WoodUses: Used in love incense and sachets intended to either attract or continue love. Used in powdered incense bases.
QuinceCydonia sp.Planet: SaturnElement: EarthDescription: TreePart Used: Fruit, seedsUses: The seeds are carried for protection against accidents, negativity and physical harm. The fruit is eaten by pregnant women to ensure the intelligence of the baby. The fruit is served to one's partner to ensure fidelity. Eaten at weddings by the bride and groom to ensure their future happiness, the preserves may be included in the cake filling for this purpose. Sacred to Venus and Aphrodite. Used on the altar at handfastings and eaten by the celebrants. Repels negative energy coming from others.
Palm, DatePhoenix dactyliferaPlanet: SunElement: AirDescription: TreePart Used: Fruit, LeavesUses: A symbol of fertility the fruit may be eaten to encourage fertility. Leaves of the tree or dates may be carried as well for fertility. The pits are carried to bring back male sexual potency. A palm frond hung near the door of the home keeps evil and uncanny creatures from entering. Sacred to Taht, Apollo, Artemis, Hecate, Isis, Ra.
Pansy Viola tricolorPlanet: SaturnElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Worn or carried to bring love.
ParsleyPetroselinum sativumPlanet: MercuryElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Served in food to induce lust and ensure fertility. Worn for protection. Used in purification and uncrossing baths. It was formerly thought that tossing parsley into water would heal fish. Sacred to Venus and Aphrodite. Used for success when gathered on a Friday during a waxing moon. Made into a bath for pregnant women to ensure the health of the baby. Fed to horses to bring them health, speed, success and agility. Used when communing with the departed to when working with the afterworld.
Passion FlowerPassiflora sp. Planet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: Vining herbPart Used: HerbUses: Grown to bring peace. Carried to bring popularity and friends. Placed in a sleep pillow to encourage sleep. Placed in the house to calm trouble and arguments and bring peace. Used as an incense to change the energy of a room to a peaceful, calm one. Added to ritual incense for the Autumnal equinox. Used as a wash to diminish disagreements and stress.
PatchouliPogostemon patchouli or P. cablinPlanet: SaturnElement: EarthDescription: HerbPart Used: Herb, oilUses: Used for lust inducing incense. The oil is used to make one more attractive to potential lovers. May be used to dress candles for lust spells, or the Great Rite. Used for money spells and prosperity sachets, and mixtures. Put on ones wallet to draw money. Placed in fertility charms and sachets, used in incense for fertility. Love sachets and baths. It helps to ground you and bring the conciousness back to the physical level.
PennyroyalMentha pulegium or Hedeoma pulegioidesPlanet: MarsElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Sacred to Demeter. Carried for physical strength and endurance. Worn to guard against the evil eye and bring success in business. Calms arguments between couples and brings peace and reconciliation. Carried to avoid seasickness. Aids in the understanding of reincarnation, death and rebirth. Used to bathe the dead or in rituals intended to aid them in passing over peacefully into the afterlife.
Pepper, BlackPiper nigrumPlanet: MarsElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: BerriesUses: Put in protective sachets to ward off the evil eye. Worn to overcome envy. Mixed with salt and sprinkled about the home to dispel evil and negativity.
PeppermintMentha piperitaPlanet: MercuryElement: FireDescription: HerbPart Used: Herb, oilUses: Healing and purification spells, mixtures and incences. Raises the vibrations of a space. Placed in sleep pillows or drunk as tea at bedtime to ensure peaceful sleep and can bring about prophetic dreams. Annointed on furnishings and household objects to purify them of evil and negativity. Used in love mixtures.
PeriwinkleVinca major or V. minorPlanet: VenusElement: WaterDescription: Vining herbPart Used: Herb, flowers, rootUses: Placed over the door to protect the home. Carried to attract money and protect. The dried flowers may be added to any herbal mixture or spell to enhance it's effectiveness. The root or flowers may be carried to bring about the changes necessary to attract love into your life. Offered as a token of friendship. Assists parents heal from the loss of a child, and is appropriate to be planted on the childs grave. Helps keep the memories alive while encouraging healing. When gazed upon it restores lost memories. Increases ones passions when sprinkled under the bed or carried. The patron herb of witches and sorcerers.
PimpernelPimpinella sp. or Anagallis arvensisPlanet: MercuryElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Carried for protection. Used in sachets to avoid deceptions. Hung in the home to ward off illness and accidents. Rubbed on the blade of a new athame or sword as a part of the consecration. Put in safe travel sachets to protect from all ills. Used in mixtures for depression and to bring happiness.
PinePinus sp. Planet: MarsElement: AirDescription: TreePart Used: Resin, wood, needles, conesUses: Pine needles are used as incense to purify and exorcise, or scattered for this purpose. They are used in cleansing baths. The incense turns back spells cast against you. Cones are used in fertility spells. Branches are hung over the bed to prevent illness or heal the sick. Hung over the door to the home they bring happiness to the inhabitants. Pine is used in prosperity spells as well. The resin makes a wonderful incense for any of the purposes mentioned.
PlantainPlantago sp. Planet: VenusElement: EarthDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Hung in the car to guard against accidents. Increases the power of other herbs used for magical purposes. Placed under the pillow to prevent nightmares and negativity.
PomegranatePunica granatumPlanet: MercuryElement: FireDescription: TreePart Used: Fruit, woodUses: Sacred to Persephone and Ceres. The seeds are eaten for fertility. The skin of the fruit is carried for fertility. A branch hung in the home or business attracts prosperity. The skin is dried and used in incense for prosperity. A branch hung over a door guards against negativity. The fruit is a symbol of fertility and creativity and may be used on the altar during spells for these purposes. Associated with the Crone. The juice may be used instead of wine in ritual. It may also be used as ink.
PoplarPopulus sp.Planet: SaturnElement: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: Buds, leavesUses: The buds and leaves are used to attract money and are added to incense for prosperity.
PoppyPapaver sp.Planet: MoonElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: Seeds, flowersUses: The seeds and flowers are used in spells and mixtures to ensure sleep. The seeds are eaten or carried for fertility, luck and prosperity. The seeds are used in food or mixtures for love. Sacred to Demeter and Hypnos. The flowers are used on the altar for during spells for any of the purposes mentioned.
PrimrosePrimula sp. Planet: VenusElement: EarthDescription: HerbPart Used: Flower, herbUses: The flowers are used on the altar to honor the Goddess. Used in a bath they increase inner beauty and desirability. They are carried to attract love. Grown in the garden they guard it and attract fairies.
PurslanePortulaca sp.Planet: MoonElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: HerbUses: Generates positive energy and dispels negative energies. Used as a tea it is a useful magical tonic. Aids those afraid of the dark, prevents nightmares, and protects against the evils of the night. Sew into a sleep pillow for these purposes. Carried to attract love. Protects soldiers in battle. Scattered about the home it brings happiness

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