Monday, September 22, 2008

herbs E

Elder Sambucus sp.Planet: Venus Element: WaterDescription: Shrub to treePart Used: Flowers, berries, woodUses: Exorcism, protection, healing, prosperity, sleep. Sleep pillows are made of the dry flowers. The tree planted in the garden is protective. It is unfortunate to cut the wood or burn it. A gift must be left by the tree when gathering twigs as the tree is sacred to the Lady. Twigs are attached to barns with red yarn to protect livestock and leaves are hung by doors and windows to prevent negativity from entering the home.
Elecampane Inula heleniumPlanet: MercuryElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: Whole plantUses: Love, protection, psychic abilities. Associated with elves. In a sachet to attract love. Used as an incense to purify initiates.
Elm Ulmus sp.Planet: SaturnElement: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: LeavesUses: Associated with Odin, Hoenin and Lodr. Said to aid in communication with elves and fairies. Attracts love when carried.The leaves are placed under the pillow to encourage prophetic dreams.
EucalyptusEucalyptus sp.Planet: Moon Element: WaterDescription: TreePart Used: Leaves and oilUses: Healing and protection. The branches may be placed in the sick room to speed recovery. The leaves are used in protection sachets.
Euphorbia Planet: SaturnElement: WaterDescription: HerbPart Used: LeavesUses: Purification, protection. The plant is grown for protection. Poisonous and the sap can be irritating to the skin.
EyebrightPlanet: SunElement: AirDescription: HerbPart Used: Whole plantUses: Mental and psychic abilities. A good herb to encourage a positive outlook. Improves the memory and encourages rationality. An infusion is applied to the eyelids to increase psychic ability, or the herb is carried for this purpose.

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