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Rhodochrosite -- A stone of "love and balance." Allowing this on all levels of ones body. One can melt into an atmosphere of golden ecstasy while using this stone during mediation. This stone also is used to heal the earth. Energizes and purifies the base, sacral and heart chakras. Restores balances to these areas. Cleanse and renews for purification. Attunes to a higher self. enhances awareness and spirituality. Aids in removing tendencies in denial and avoidance. Balances the emotions.
Rhodonite -- Clears the path to balance the yin and yang. Aids in attaining calm assurances in all activities. "Stone of love" Aids in achieving his or her greatest potential. Stimulates, clears, and activates the heart chakra. Provides grounding of physical and mental energy at the same time. Gets rid of anxiety and promotes coherency.
Rhyolite (orbicular and leopard skin Jasper) -- Change, variety, progress. Strengthens both body and mind. Excellent stone for meditation. Advances attunement in all activities. Helps process the past and progress to the future. "Stone of resolution."
Rock Crystal -- This is a clear pure crystal quartz. Encourages clarity, neutrality, and there fore improves ones perception and understanding. Recalls forgotten memories. Aids in problems solving in simple ways. Brings about self knowledge. Enhances the effectiveness of other crystals. A Phantom Quartz can assist in helping one overcome mental limits.
Ruby -- "Stone of Nobility" Improves success over disputes and controversy. Discourages violence. It is said if one keeps a Ruby, wealth will never leave. Aids against unhappiness, distressing dreams, and lightening. Stimulates the heart chakra and assists in the selection and attainment of ones ultimate values. Brings spiritual, wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth. An excellent shielding stone, protects on all levels. Also protects against psychic attacks.
Rutilated Quartz -- Gets to the root of all problems. Aids in astral travel. Nonphysical attunement. Provides insight during astral travel. Provide communication between us and those from another galaxy.
Singing Quartz Crystal -- Stimulates Clairaudience, smoothes aura, energies the body and mind. This stone has an "OM" vibration. Aids in bringing joy to ones life. Opens and releases negative energy. This stone is said to have been developed by beings from another planet during a visit to this plane.
Sapphire -- Rids one of unwanted thoughts. Brings joy and peace of mind by opening ones mind to beauty and intuition. Know as the "Stone of Prosperity."
Sardonyx -- Brings happiness to a marriage, used to attract friends, good for self control, and good fortune. Known as the "stone of virtue."
Selenite -- A form of Gypsum. For a Clear mind, awareness of self, and ones surroundings. Used to access future or past lives. Provides flexibility and strength to ones self and ones decisions. Aids in use to align the spinal column and remove energy blocks.
Serpentine -- Useful in rise and opening of the pathway for Kundalini. Used also to clear clouded areas of the chakras and stimulate the crown. Enhances meditation. Aids in treatment of diabetes, and hypoglycemia. Also in the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
Snow Flake Obsidian -- Brings automatic grounding during meditation. Opens the crown chakra, stabilizes the movement of Kundalini, and enhances ones energy field. Used to treat disorders of skin, blood and ears. Good stone to use for serenity, love and beauty. This is known as the 'stone of purity.'
Snow Quartz -- Aids in letting go of things that are no longer important. Helps in the knowledge of deeper wisdom that was previously denied in all aspect of life, oneself and society in which one lives.
Sodalite -- Helps with logic, eliminating confusion. It can stimulate ones intellect. A great stone that provides fellowship, solidarity, for a common goal and purpose within a group. Encourages self-esteem, self trust, and trust in others. Aids in treatment of gland metabolism, and digestive disorders. Used as a purifying agent for the body. Aids in relief of insomnia.
Strawberry Quartz -- Balances connections between physical and subtle bodies, stimulates astral travel and psychic system. Used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing, stimulates recall of the 'beginning.' This stone will become available to those who are ready to experience the energy and willing to accept without question the information.
Sugilite (Luvulite) -- Brings about realizing well being of both body n mind. Sugilite energy flows from base to crown chakras, opening them and providing a path for Kundalini movement. Aids in helping one forgive oneself and others. Eliminates hostility. Works wonders for headaches.
Sunstone -- Clears, energizes, and brightens chakras. Dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress, increases vitality. Known to encourage independence. This stone was thought to represent the "Sun God." Bringing life, and abundance to those who wear it. Provides protection against destructive forces from the other realm.

Thulite -- Aids in allowing one to examine ones nature. To integrate all parts. Aids in assessing in reducing aimlessness, prodigious vanity, and conceit. Supplements energy to eloquence and direction.
Tiger Iron -- Assists in creative endeavors. Prompts artistic abilities. Aids in finding refuge when danger is perceived. Stimulates ones physical vitality. Gives one extra energy.
Topaz -- Promotes individuality and creativity. Provides confidence in trusting decisions. Replaces negative energy with love n joy. "Stone of potency." used for healing, meditation and projection. Aids in creating changes in ones personal life. Enhances awareness.
Tourmaline -- This stone relates to all of the chakras. Clears, maintains and stimulates each of the energy centers of the body. Attracts inspiration to diminish fear. Promotes understanding and encourages self confidence. Balances male/female energies within ones body. Stimulates balance between left and right sides of brain.
Tree Agate -- Encourages inner peace and certainty. Allows us to be aware of ones own strength. Helps one deal with difficulties as challenges arise. Awakens the warrior in oneself. Ensures vitality, a good stabile health and a well functioning ammune system. Gives us courage in situations where one feels unprotected.
Turtiella Jasper (Agate) -- Aids in releasing pompousness, superiority complexes. A protective stone. Helps one get thru discomforts of the trials and tribulations. Gives you insight that no matter what, you will be ok. Aids also in healing the earth.

V Variscite -- Connects and aligns the ethereal nervous system to the physical. Aids in bringing one up from dispair to a calm and peaceful existence. Promotes tenacity, and aids in helping deal with the invalid. Stimulates the heart chakra bringing love and reason to all situations.
Violet Amethyst -- Works on a profoundly spiritual level. Excellent for use on the crown chakra.

Watermelon Tourmaline -- "Super Activator" of the heart. Stimulizes, energies and connects with the heart chakra of the higher self. Helps recognize humor in a serious situation. Aids in experiencing beauty of nature.

Yellow Jade --Allows for energy and quiet stimulation. Brings joy. Teaches how to connect to all beings.
Yellow Jasper -- Protects one during spiritual working and during ones travels. Helps to channel positive energy.
Yellow Sapphire -- Wealth, endurance, fulfillment of ambition. Used as an Elixir it can eliminate toxins from the body. Aids in treatment of stomach, spleen, gallbladder and liver.
Yellow Tourmaline -- Stimulates spiritual development, solar plexus. Enhances personal power.
Zircon -- Known as the "stone of virtue." Brings ones nature back into balance with the forces of the universe. Promotes the union of the physical, mental emotional and spiritual. Combines the properties of the first, third, and fourth chakras. In doing so it raises them to a higher level of intensity. Increases harness to facilitate continuity in all endeavors. It is the symbol of the central "deity." Innocence, purity, and constancy.
Zoisite -- Allows for direct connections by way of mental processing. Used to aid treatment of heart, spleen, pancreas and lungs.

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