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Mahogany Obsidian -- Used to stimulate growth of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual centers with providing strength when needed. Vitality provided to ones lifework or fulfillment of aspirations. Also aids in elimination of energy blockage and release of tension.
Malachite -- Assists in changing situations, known as the 'stone of transformation.' Also aids in clearing and activating all chakras. Very helpful in stimulation of throat and heart chakras. Excellent stone for clarity of emotions and allowing recognition and release of negative experiences that one can not remember. This stone is an agent for equalizing and balancing. Aids in helping accept responsibility for ones own actions.
Mookaite -- Encourages variety and new experiences in ones life. Aids in balancing harmony between external activities and internal processing. Allows for a deep inner calm and a desire for adventure at the same time. Helps in realizing meditation can be obtained during any time of an activity. Enables us to be more flexible and mobile. Stabilizes ones health. Fortifies the immune system.
Moonstone -- The energy of the Moonstone is balancing, reflective, introspective and lunar. Aids in assisting one to change levels of structure of oneself on all levels. Brings lashes of insight. Used to release emotional tension and enhance positive attributes of creativity and self expression. Cleanses negativity from all chakras. This stone was known as the "traveler's stone" used for protection thru ones travels and the perils they found during them. It is also a talisman of good fortune. This stone is charged by the light/rays of the moon.
Morganite (Pink Beryl) -- Activates, cleanses, stimulates the heart chakra. Aids in bringing love to ones life, and maintaining it so that it can grow. Aids in speaking and listening to ones heart. Accesses information's concerning the environmental structures of other worlds. Aids in healing and maintaining the Earth. Also helps in receiving messages from ones guides.
Mordenite -- Used to get rid of traits of sarcasm, enhance harmony. Aids in importance of home and friendships. Used to bring abundance to ones life. Assists in activities of white magic to bring understanding and awareness of the workings of rituals and rites that are associated to these activities. This stone can aid in elimination of mental distractions. Can be good in the use of releasing quickly depression and disillusionment.
Moss Agate -- Can lead you to agreeability, persuasiveness, and strength in all endeavors. Improves ego and self esteem. Provides emotional balance and strength or positive traits. Allows you to see beauty in all you see. Know to Native American as the "Power Stone." Aids in weather pattern changes.
Obsidian -- Excellent grounding, and protection stone. Stabilizes internal and external energies. Protecting one from physical or emotional harm. Shields against negativity. Very useful in healing, aiding the healer and subject with respect to both find the cause and heal the disease.
Onyx -- Contains the properties of Chalcedony, as well as being an excellent stone for centering and aligning the total person with higher powers. It can aid in getting rid of grief, to enhance self-control. Also to stimulate the Power of the wise in decision making. Encourages happiness and good fortune.
Opal -- Allows for releasing inhibitions, furthers clean, true, and spontaneous action. Strengthens memory. Instills faithfulness and loyalty. Known as the "stone of happy dreams and changes," awakens both psychic and mystical qualities. Aids in the understanding of the higher powers of intuition and mysticism and the knowledge to know how to use it. Used by Shaman to invoke Visions. Aids in helping to disperse infections and purify the blood and kidneys and regulate insulin production.
Orange Calcite -- Makes problems go away, and assists in maximizing potential.
Orbicular Jasper -- Helps in accepting responsibility, and attribute patience. Aids in helping keep a steady continuous breathing pattern during a healing/meditation state.
Pearl -- Purity, clarity in ones advance states of wisdom. Also aids in cleansing channels for receipt of spiritual guidance. Known as the "stone of sincerity." Inhibits boisterous behavior. Helps one to see ones reflection of self so that they can see the manner that one appears to others.
Peridot (Olivine) (Chrysolite) -- Magnifies inner aspects of any situation or circumstance. Used to cleanse and stimulate heart and solar plexus chakras. Brings openness and acceptance in intellectual pursuit of matters of love and relationship. Aids in regulating cycles in ones life on all levels. Provides a shielding protection for the whole body which should be removed prior to balancing and aligning the physical body with other bodies, and prior to cleansing chakras. Helps aid in the healing of a bruised ego. It can act in both strengthening and regenerating the entire body.
Petrified Wood -- Aids in stimulating the third-eye and intuitive levels of inner self. Helps in psychic awareness and enhances emotional awareness. Provides protection in the area around the head and energy both around the crown chakra and third-eye.
Picture Jasper -- Stone of proportion and harmony. Stimulates creativity. Used for developing business pursuits. Promotes a spiritual affinity to achieve perfect accord between humanity and nature. An "earth stone." A Stone for Global Awareness. Also stimulates the third-eye. This stone provides insight into methodology.
Pietersite -- Aids in stimulation f the pineal gland, assists in meditative states allowing one to experience visions and precognitive thoughts. Aligns whole body energy centers. Grounding stone, not to earth but to the etheric body. This stone contains the "keys to the kingdom of heaven." Aids in recognition of the beauty of the soul. Promotes loyalty.
Pink Agate -- Promotes love between parent and child. (This also works for Pink Carnelian)
Pink Danburite- Activates the heart chakra. Brings self-love to the person who uses it.
Pink Opal -- "Stone for renewal." Renews relationships between "All that is" and self. Teaches love and nonviolence. Aids in releasing "old patterns." This is also known as the "stone of spiritual awakening" Also aids in inner healing on all levels.
Pink Tourmaline -- Stimulates the crown and heart chakras. Brings forth love and spirituality. Allows one to trust in the power of love. Promotes joy and enthusiasm for life. Releases destructive tendencies. Assists in attaining peace and understanding.
Prehnite -- Multiplies energy and enhances protective fields. Produces calmness, brings structure of coherence the the environment. A "stone for dreaming and remembering." Aids in furthering the state of meditation. Enhances the ability of prophecy. Encourages visitation of extraterrestrial beings. Predictions from this stone are usually precise and accurate. Use of this stone should NOT be taken lightly.
Purple Fluorite -- A third-eye stone. Assisting in precise communication. It also assists in disorders associated with bone and bone marrow. Helps in preparing ones being for healing from/of the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional realms.
Pyrite -- Shields from many forms of negative energy. Excellent stone to keep in ones possession when doing dangerous work. Inspires universal energy. Aids in recognizing purity of the universe. enhances memory, provides recall of important information when needed.
Pyrolusite --Aids in transformation and transmution of ones physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies. Helps to bring energy for reconstructing ones life and changing stabilization in relationships, marriage, mental process, emotional and physical imbalances. Allows for realizing each person shares powers of the universe. Aids in healing and balancing the aura, getting rid of negative energy.
Rainbow Moonstone -- Assists in carrying rainbows into ones life. Aids in examining and coming to the realization that humanity and love are ever present in ones life. This mineral operates on different levels having itself a mirror within itself to all cycles. One can see what was and what will be in respect to oneself with this stone. Aids in also seeing a phenomena seen and unseen.
Rainbow Obsidian -- Known as the "stone of pleasure" This stone brings one gratification and enjoyment to ones life. Also good to use for "gazing" especially for interests of love, relationships, and development of ones etheric and physical forms in totality. It also allows one to recognize the spiritual side of ones nature.
Raspberry Quartz -- Synthesizes all 7 of the major chakras. Brings attunement to the higher realms. Assists in Activating and cleansing all chakras.
Red-Black Obsidian -- Provides vitality, and virility. Allows for a connection to the brotherhood of humanity. Treats fevers and chills. Also aids in allowing expansion of identity. Good stone to stir the flames of the spirit for the start of the rise of Kundalini.
Red Jasper - grounds energy, rectifies unjust situations. Aids in dream recall. A "stone of health" Strengthens circulatory system. Connected to base chakra, aids rebirthing.
Red Garnet -- Represents love. Attuned to heart energy, revitalizes feelings and enhances sexuality. Controls anger, especially toward oneself.
Red Calcite -- Increase energy while uplifting emotions. Helps in the aid of willpower. Opens the heart chakra.
Red Sardonyx -- Stimulating stone.

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